SEO or Search engine optimization is the process of increasing real time traffic to websites by attracting target visitors from search engines through search results based on target keywords. In most cases, websites which gets a higher ranking or position among search results are the websites that searchers visit more often. Hence, the contents of websites and its design should be optimized in order to get top ranking among popular search engines and to attract more visitors.

Though we can increase real-time traffic of websites using SEO, we must not consider them as marketing tools. It could be easier for someone to pay money to search engines and make their website in top ranking (organic search results) for particular set of keywords. But actual concept behind SEO is to get top ranking without paying as the site is related to search query which you enter as user.

The amount of time required to optimize a website to improve real time traffic could be long term like years or can be done in few minutes. If your service or product is such that you have used unique keywords, then general SEO is enough to obtain top ranking in search engines. But if you service or product is in saturated or highly competitive market, then SEO for such websites will take dedication of significant amount of effort and time. Though you resolve to use simple SEO techniques, you should have good understanding of working of search engine algorithms and essential SEO items like inbound links, back linking, keyword optimization etc to increase traffic from target customers.

The marketing approach which is adapted by SEO to increase the relevance of website is considering the working of search engines and the type of searches carried out by uses. The SEO process is focused towards presentation, coding and structure of website and to solve issues in site’s design which prevents search engines spiders from indexing the pages of the site.

Apart from that, SEO also includes adding unique contents to web pages to impress the users and to make sure that search engine robots could index contents easily. In order to optimize websites for attracting real-time traffic, you require the help of SEO professionals and you can hire them in-house or outsource the SEO projects for your website. SEO tactics used by users can be of 3 types which includes Black-hat SEO, Grey-Hat SEO and white-hat SEO which are based on ethics and legitimacy of the techniques used.

White Hat SEO makes use of strategies that are considered to legitimate and ethically correct by search engine spiders which index a website. These methods are best to be used in order to attain top results in search engines. Such legitimate techniques will not result in penalties that are usually imposed if you employ Black Hat SEO techniques and though it will take sometime to obtain the benefits of these techniques, you can get very good results and top ranking in search engines.

Grey Hat SEO makes use of tactics that is considered to be legal if used in right way. But some unethical webmasters and SEO’s misuse these techniques. It is possible that websites won’t get banned or penalized for making use of such strategies and it might be essential to use these techniques in some cases, but you should be very careful when using them. It is since search engines could penalize tactics which are abused though they are employed in legitimate form.

Black Hat SEO makes use of techniques which are considered ethically incorrect and illegitimate and that have been penalized and results in banning of website by search engines. As Black hat SEO is illegal to use and abused widely, it is suggested that website owners avoid using such techniques to get high ranking in search engines.
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